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The Conversa- tions turn on questions of the day and the hour, and taken as a whole they form a passable defence of the church against the objections urged in the name of liberalism and progress, or so-called modern civilization.

One, many years the elder, ■was apj.iarently a minister or a priest, with a quiet and unobtrusive manner, evidently a man of foreign birth and education, but speaking English as if it had been his native tongue.

Did he find the convictions of the world he came to redeem and save in harmony with his doctrines and claims?

If so, how came the Jews to reject him and ci'ucify him between two thieves ?

The church, if herself t LIBERALISM AND THE CHOECH.

movable or progressive, could not aid either social or indi- vidual progress ; she would simply change with the changes- going on around her, and could neither aid nor control them." " But, Keverend Father, you overlook the fact that it is precisely in herself that progress is most needed.

Motion reqrires a mover, and the mover cannot move unless it is itself immovable.The editor was a nmn of our times, animated by the spirit of the age, and a firm believer in our glorious nineteenth century." The greatest objection, Father," said he one day to the priest, as I soon learned he was, " to the church, is her unprogressive character. Why, on its progressive march." " Do you mean that the church herself is not progressive, or that she opposes progress in individuals and society? The church is stationary, remains what she was in the dark ages, does her best to keep society back where it was a thousand years ago, and to prevent the human race from taking a step forward." " There is, I su])pose, no doubt of that ?She fails to keep religion up with the times, refuses to advance with modern society, and the world goes on without her." " AVhither ? " " Not the least." "Is it not possible for the church to remain immovable Jierself, and yet be very progressive in her influence on in- dividuals and society generally?" " To aid progress the church must be herself progressive." "You see, then, neither argument nor wit in i)r.

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