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I knew there was some kind of behavioral change I could make to fix this.

I had to know how to make women attracted to me, or it was going to kill me.

Overall rather average and lacking in punch and somewhat lacklustre, the course meanders through various topics that have been well explained by other reviewers above.

I found myself somewhat underwhelmed by the material, it does not live up to the hype, the "bad boy lifestyle" was particularly disappointing as it explained such profound points as - get a great car, make sure your house is tidy and make sure you have soft lighting in the a solid course for newbies, but if you are looking for something to add edge to your overall game, I would give it a miss.

Also Carlos videos are not well shot and the graphics are very 80's, not much effort has been put into the script as you feel he is moving through the material with a stream of consciousness approach, in my opinion there was very little novel content expressed in the course and so if you have read a few other PUA courses then this would appear to be a rehash of many of the same topics and themes.

Carlos Xuma's Dating focuses on ramping up men's social skills with women, teaching confidence and alpha dating power to eliminate the way I'm 48 years old, so this is really cool!Introduced as a formula for attracting and seducing women, Carlos Xuma’s The Bad Boy Formula shows men how to do it with the “correct” bad boy approach.Not sure if the review above was by a fed up woman or a PUA Hate Troll?:-) I like the program Carlos gives a good breakdown of different types of guys & behaviours that repel or attract women, I'm not going to go into the program in depth but Okay there are few little bits I don't quite advise but generally I think it's a good program.

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