Celebrities dating younger

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Sparks flew, and the two started up a romance, even though Hugh was 12 years younger.They've proven that their relationship is rock solid, though — according to Popsugar, they've been married since 1996, and unlike most other celeb couples, there really hasn't been any buzz or scandal threatening to come out of the woodwork.So, safe to say, she probably has her pick of amazing men lining up to get a shot with such a talented powerhouse.However, she's not one to care about what society deems is 'appropriate' — she found love with Philip Joncas, a production coordinator and babe who is 20 years younger than her, and all we can say is, go girl!) It's been so long since these two dated, and both have been so memorable connected to other partners, that it can be hard to remember there once was a Sandra Bullock/Ryan Gosling relationship.However, it's true — way back in 2002, Sandra Bullock fell for a young actor 16 years her junior, the hunky Ryan Gosling.

We're not sure if it's just because Demi Moore was a big deal at the time, or because Ashton Kutcher was just such gorgeous arm candy, but the Demi/Ashton relationship is definitely one of the most well-known Hollywood pairings between an older woman and a younger man.It may seem like a crazy age difference, but to be honest, Lopez looks like she hasn't aged in about 17 years, so they kind of look like the perfect match, appearance-wise. Unfortunately, after about two years together, Popsugar reports the two split. Lo dates is hopefully super gorgeous, probably super talented, and still not quite worthy of her amazing self. However, she's probably focused on her children still at this stage of her life, so who knows — maybe she'll date a hot young stud when she's in her 60s.If you saw Gabrielle Union and didn't really know much about her, chances are you'd assume she was in her late 20s, or maybe early 30s at the latest.Now, there are many female celebs who have dated much younger men that you would never even guess about because, well, they look 20 years younger than they actually are.Given that they have to take care of themselves and their bodies for their jobs, a lot of female celebs basically seem to just never age.

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