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However, the founder of the group wanted to make it clear that the main Harvard meme group had nothing to do with the type of content being traded by the former incoming freshman."I know no one from the incident," she said, noting that she has removed offensive content from the main group in the past, but "nowhere near the level of obscenity of the private group chat memes."In order to gain acceptance into the private meme group chat, prospective Harvard students had to prove themselves by posting borderline offensive content into the main class of 2021 Facebook group.Emmett Chen-Ran, a co-founder of Yale's Yale Memes for Special Snowflake Teens, said asking incoming students to post "outrageous" content is akin to hazing."The process of forcing students in the main chat to send something outrageous or 'edgy' as a way to join the 'dark' chat is almost akin to the hazing that a lot of frats/sororities are known to do," he said."We have had offensive memes in the past, and they're dealt with on a case-by-case basis," he said."It's a fine balance between allowing a marketplace of ideas to flourish and promoting a healthy community." "I’ve been lucky enough to never have any offensive content in my group," said Luke Cuomo, founder of Dartmouth's meme group.After reviewing their responses, at least 10 acceptance offers were revoked."We do not comment publicly on the admissions status of individual applicants," College spokesperson Rachael Dane told the Meme groups are common at top colleges; Harvard's main meme group, Harvard Memes for Elitist 1% Tweens, boasts over 30,000 members."I will think more before posting at Dartmouth Memes for Cold AF Teens," said a Dartmouth student."It's a meme-eat-meme world," said another member of the group.

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"I can't imagine people casually having conversations of the sort in the dining halls or anywhere public on campus.Brandon Epstein, founder of MIT Memes for Intellectual Beings and Spicy Memelords, said that over time, he's become desensitized to certain types of memes, particularly those that mock groups he is a part of.That said, he would be quick to remove anything that's blatantly racist or advocating a crime, he said.Some Yale students splintered off and formed a group called Yale Buckley Memes for Alt-Right Teens after Emmett and other admins took down "edgier" memes that had been posted in the main group, Emmett said.But the Alt-Right Teens group appears to be, mostly, just a parody.

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