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But while those may be useful tools, they hardly represent a paradigm shift on the level of the computerized spreadsheet or the Black Berry. An informal survey of startup founders conducted by First Round Capital pegged chatbots and conversational UIs and the third most overhyped technology of the year.It wouldn't be the first time a much hyped new paradigm fizzled out.Right now, many teams within companies use tools like Slack for free, often without official approval from their corporate IT departments."Most companies do not have a corporate collaboration solution in place," he says.Microsoft, meanwhile, is taking a slightly different approach.In addition to Teams, which competes directly with Slack, it offers Microsoft Bot Framework, a platform for building chat-based apps that can run not just on Teams, but on Slack, Facebook Messenger, and other instant messaging services. Microsoft bundles Teams with the Office 365 for no extra cost, and the company announced earlier this year that 125,000 organizations use the software.

Both the Android and i OS applications contain functionality . Upon logging into the app, Sarahah will attempt to send all phone and email contacts outbound.Even if your company picks another tool for messaging, Microsoft wants to be the technology that underpins the apps you end up using. In October, Facebook announced 14,000 organizations are using Workplace.IDC analyst Wayne Kurtzman says this is just the beginning.Meanwhile, the company's app store for software that runs on Slack has attracted more than 1,000 apps.Underwood says that within minutes of launching the Slack app directory in 2015, developers told her they already had customers. Video conferencing company Twine Labs, which Slack invested in, is also building apps for Microsoft Teams, Facebook Workplace, and Amazon Chime, says CEO Anthony Claudia.

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