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That being said, I cannot properly dislike the guy either.

While he cannot understand the common player (which is enough to earn the hatred of the masses, because mob mentality), he does still try from his narrow lens, and has been a dedicated streamer/content guider for neigh on.... from deep into FFXI and all throughout XIV including the 1.0 failures.

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And i don't see him being hateful towards anyone or the community, so what's the issue? But my distaste for him came from watching some streams. And so far from what I've gathered from his interaction with Reddit, I can totally see how he's just a bad egg who can put it all aside for money. Hopefully I catch that side and see for myself Apparently he was also pretty pissed at fanfest and was cussing up a storm when his group couldn't beat Odin in 15 minutes and they made him go to the back of the line with everyone else who wanted to try again.

I watch his You Tube videos and catch his streams every now and than, his content is pretty nice and informative. I do appreciate what he's doing for the game, and how he's helping others, etc... He's had a ton of bad opinions about his real personality. Happy in my opinion is a meh guy, who has gained a fat head, and is catering to his target audience. Thanks for the info, like i said I catch his streams every now and then but I don't ever watch the whole thing only tuning in for a couple of segments.

Expansions include "Heavensward", "Stormblood" and the newly released "Shadowbringers"!

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But, it was when I learned he was just another yelling streamer(I'm talking about when we actually see him in action). The way his videos are, and the way his streams are, are very different; maybe I'm just a huge fan of consistency. I do however wished he kept his more humble side intact, but that's neither here nor there.

I'm not really entertained by young adults screeching/yelling. Heard from a friend, whose IRL friend was one of the volunteers.

I don't understand why people would hate him because they don't like his guides.

If someone prefers Mizz Teq (or any other guide), it is their prerogative to listen to what ever they prefer.

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