Chatman pokey scandal sex

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Most reporters said all the politically correct things that they could.It reminds me of the great speech that actor Ralph Fiennes gave in the movie “Quiz Show”.

It’s as wrong as could be but we’ve created this mess.

Even though it was not part of the actual statement from Charles Van Doren who was implicated in the scandal, it is a telling sign of what our society at times has become.

“I’ve been acting a role, maybe all my life, of thinking that I’ve done more, accomplished more, and produced more than I have. I have stood on the shoulders of life, and I’ve never gotten down into the dirt to build, to erect a foundation of my own. Everything came too easy.” When Tyler was hired I literally was in shock.

Looking back though, they sure didn’t act that way when he got hired.

With rumors of a possible pregnancy also looming, there is much pain to go around.

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