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" imply a conversation that we will probably want no part of.4."I beat you again!

'' Yeah, sure; let's play "rip the ego off your male friend." And it's not losing to a girl that most guys have a problem with.

If you do kick our butts in a game, don't be surprised if we don't share in your joy.5."I tell my best friend everything.'' And she tells her second-best friend, and she tells her lab partner, who tells her brother, and next thing we know we're being harassed in the locker room for getting teary-eyed while watching Jerry Maguire.

There has to be some sacred ground on which we can tread in this relationship, meaning we can feel safe knowing that how we act around you won't be analyzed play-by-play at the next galfest.

Look, most girls are about as good at keeping secrets as guys are.

One guy I know was dating a girl and every time she stopped speaking to him, so did her best friend.

' ' Well, tomorrow I thought we'd go watch the Cowboys game somewhere, and Saturday we're going to that party, and then on Sunday-not what you mean, huh?

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Like, are we just going to be another in a long chain of leave-behinds?Think their coupledom lasted past the two-month mark?So, please: Tell your best friend everything but what's going on in our relationship."I really think your little tummy bulge is cute." Just because there aren't a zillion magazines out there telling guys how to get great bods doesn't mean that we don't care about our physical appearance.They include statements from family members or friends which, intentionally or not, discourage your efforts.

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