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As you read the resolutions, write number on the back of the slip of paper starting with number one.You guests attempt to guess who wrote the resolution.Have those playing sit at a table with a bowl filled with beverage, a teaspoon, and an empty drink container. Your guests sit in a circle and attempt to pass the hat from head to head without using their hands. The last player left wins the hat or another small prize.The goal is to use the teaspoon to fill the container with the beverage. You will need a banana and an orange for each guest.Let the men who attend your party know they are to collect as many of the Hershey Kisses as they can during the party. When the time comes to end the game, provide a nice prize for the winner.

Each guest presents three resolutions, two of which are true and one of which is a lie.

The task becomes more difficult and fun because the bananas are tied to the players waist, about a foot from the ground. The first to succeed at getting their orange into the hula hoop circle is the winner.

Some games work well as ice breakers or need to begin at the start of your party.

Team members take turns, and the first team whose members all complete the race wins.

Variation: Have guests play individually to see who can transfer the most cotton balls.

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