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Regards, Brett ps, We'll keep an eye out for dog friendly bars.This company do not provide you with 'matches' they allow paid members whether they are your match or not to contact you, and the same goes for the date nights.(Hint hint)Hi Kiyo, Thank you for taking the time to leave such a great review!We put a lot of work into making our events the best in the country, so we really appreciate your comments.We definitely do age check our participants - before, during and after events and when it has been brought to our attention.We haven't heard from the ACCC or the ombudsman, but very happy to discuss this with them. Regards, Brett The description of the event itself is completely misleading.

One guy didn't show up, so I had a 'date' with a woman, who in the middle a guy came up and said he was going to wait for her because she was the only one he was interested in.Literally the organiser just stood by and watched all of this unfold and did nothing to make the night more organised.After my fourth date with a very much older than 43 year old, I spent 30 mins in the bathroom as my 'lift' was not coming back until 10pm, and after that I left.We are told it is for unlimited drinks all night and delicious canapés and then you have time after the speed dating is over to hang out and mingle more.The "delicious canapés" was a cheese and cracker platter.

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