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I thought he already acted in many saeguk dramas but then I knew it was his first time to play saeguk so it's surprised me a lot!! wwowowoowowowowowowwoowowo i'm screaming lee jin wook oppa really accept this drama ,, i really enjoyed a lot of season 1 & now season 2 with ma favorite actor ,,, & i wish baek sung hyun oppa will be in this drama again his acting was so powerful lovingg it so much i can't wait anymore Waaaaooooooow! We all live in 21st century , what you experience is the common thing that most of us ever face it , only you are a celebrity that makes people becoming more demanding on you to become what they desire to see. Will continue to pray for clear sky and renewal of confidence from all parties. When things are better at home, I'll come here again....hopefully in a week's time.

His last project “Return” was such a MESS in every possible aspect that I dropped it after 8 episodes. he makes me go crazy each time l see him, especially the way he carries himself as the body guard. Black, you were great there :-) Hopefully we all will always keep this quote in our heart and mind ! let by gone be by gone ... appreciate your precious lifetime by doing positive things ... I love imaginary, unrealistic story like if you have not. She is very pretty with short hair and her Chinese husband also very good looking... I had been wanting to finish the show and write to you but at the moment not really in the mood.

Lee Jin Wook, we believe in you and trust you, We will be always there for you , do not let them ruin your life ! Keep that fighting, be healthy, calm down, and be happy, okay? We have faith on you, and do not believe those all nonsense. All casts were great in PO especially that lil actrees, very talented.

And would you please return back sooner?We will miss you everyday ! Black is so romantic,funny,naughty,gentleman,kind,strong,patient,loyal,protector and so loving.. My Chae Won unnie is so lucky to have a chance to be co-star beside you.. Black Swan Couple is a miracle @Christina, glad to see your reply,how is your father?Wish he has recovered well and stay healthy always ... Happy that you like Powerful Opponents :-) I love it too, I sometimes feel old Korean dramas have more moral and life value.

please make sure you are in a good state for us, we are watching you from a far, oppa Jin Wook ! We will be always praying for you, Beautiful Smile!! You are the one who makes us love Korean dramas! Keep "Fighting" *** Take Good Care and We will be always waiting for your comeback *** Blessings and Hugs *** When you feel sunshine warm, remember – we send you warm of our hearts. Look forward to watching his other movies n dramas. Granny, I was also remembering of how hard our parents raise us, their children, thank to our beloved parents ...

you did not commit crime, you did not hurt anyone, please be healthy, safe and sound , that is how you should keep yourself well for us , we will just be happy if you are happy ... You really nailed it, I really can feel your emotions every time even when you happy or sad.. Granny but I always like his role as well :-) I am happy that you were glad watching Ms.

Watched him in saeguk The Three Musketeers.acting as a crown prince was really good there.. I am still infuriated that he chose such a retarded project after “Goodbye Mr. Well, let See if LJW can redeem himself in Voice 2.......!!!!!!! do not give it up because many good things await for you ahead ... ! Dear Lee Jin Wook, how are you there?I wish you are just doing fine there. We need to face it no matter how !You have done nothing wrong , we and everyone know it . Playing the part as Prince realizing what his wife had done as well as meeting the man his wife had a fling with was played extremely well. Just want to let you know I love the story as well as the ending which I believe is a good one.

“I feel shy and nervous to be writing a letter in such a long time.

It may seem sudden but I have happy news to deliver.

I do not care about actor's/actress's personal issues because what we hear about maybe completely different with what really happened. He is one of the actor I really enjoy watching his dramas and movies. What ever happens, still loyal to you, Your fans are on your side! Sending this all the way from another world , CHEER UP LEE JIN WOOK! Love all his works and looking forward to more & more, support him as always, unconditionally! Extremely upset with the case happened to him, he has been proven innocent . Please show your sympathy and let's welcome him back with open arms . Wish you well always, Take care, God bless you always. I hope South Korean fans , producers, investors, etc will believe in LJW and his true talent to give him a second chance to shine .

It is surely a good lesson for all celebrities and public figures. Meanwhile, I'll pray for your child search....remember that with a kid, time will be a crucial factor. Its such destiny to be in good term with someone on this page.

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