Chris516 dating

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I know deep down she loves me, even she says deep down she can't see herself without me.

She told me I am the first guy she has TRULY loved and cared for.

She is currently in a depressive state, and I mean VERY depressed. She will go through periods of staying up until 4 in the morning or not even sleeping at all.

Been sleeping all day for the past three days, won't eat, but she still puts her head on my chest at night and holds me. Making jewelry and organizing her room and not depressed but still having terrible anxiety/OCD.

He has obsessions with different things like golf or running, his weight, that his roof's going to fall down etc.

I think he was obsessed with me, he constantly text and phoned me, he showed me so much love.

I know sitting there watching someone go through fighting themselves is tough, me and my boyfriend do this.

He has autism, I have tourettes, with OCD, and we both have ADHD, but he also have ADD. I'm also bipolar, and to me it sounds like she is as well.

I asked her well is that something you would actually want to do? I always tell her OCD is like a giant game of "what if"?

She says she wants to be with me and grow old, yet she has a fear of commitment.

I told her she needs therapy as well in addition to her meds.

Then a few days later on she will fall into this depressive state. It's just so tough to tell sometimes, she has diagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder as well as OCD and depression.

So as you can see it's VERY hard to know what disorder is causing what symptoms.

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