Christian man dating single mom

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If you listen to Christian leaders you will be told that single mothers themselves aren’t at fault.In a radio interview Glenn Stanton was moved by the heroism of single mothers and explained: …look around within your community, your church body, and you see young boys being raised and dad gone because of his death or because of his desertion or because of a divorce or maybe he just never was on the scene…And if you’re a woman you have the added stigma of being forever associated with wicked fairytale characters.So if it’s perfectly normal for biological parents and primary caregivers to have a network to help, then you must consider it to be so for you too – even in the early days of starting out in the relationship.Dating someone with kids is, of course, different to someone without.For a start, their priorities are different to yours in a way that is hard to fully understand when you’re not a parent yourself.Because of their cowardice and slavish devotion to their own feelings they are causing great harm to women and children.

There’s something intrinsically divine about making the choice to love children who are not your own.

It takes buckets of patience, understanding, selflessness and compassion (and if you think you might be lacking these qualities, it’s a great way to develop them! You’re in a wonderful position to positively influence and enrich young lives that have inevitably been hurt by a loss on some level. Tamarin Fountain trained and worked as a professional actress, before travelling the world in events and entertainment roles on board cruise liners.

Tamarin now lives in Edinburgh where she works in Project/Change Management, is an aspiring comedienne and cares deeply about the issues surrounding dating, singleness and emotional wellbeing for Christians.

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Even more difficult to scrub will be all of the hard copies of Mr. This narrative that men are solely responsible for out of wedlock births is pervasive amongst modern Christian leaders.

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