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In a way, being single is a relief when you have a chronic illness, because it allows you to focus all of your time and effort on yourself and your health.

I often find myself in the mindset of: “I can barely care for myself sometimes, how am I supposed to care for someone else?

Then there’s the matter of how much talking should be going on in the “talking” phase.

You need to text back and forth to learn about each other, but how much texting is And let’s not forget the ever present social media.

And then there will come a point when you have to decide when to make your relationship “Facebook official.” It’s all just too much.

Initially, the biggest hurdle is “the reveal.” At what point do you reveal to your potential partner that you have a chronic illness?

My mom called me a flower child and said I was born in the wrong generation because I loved tie-dye, peace signs, John Lennon and the idea of world peace.

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To me, the whole thing is so inorganic and impersonal.

Each has their own schtick but in the end they’re always the same – you choose somebody to match with based on a couple of photos and a short biography.

You chat with them for a bit and then maybe you go out together.

It’s just really difficult to find a partner you want to date in general, let alone one that will accept you – chronic illness and all. And if they do, are you interested in going out again?

How many dates do you go on before deciding whether you like them or not? Nowadays, technology makes dating even more complicated. Tinder, Bumble, OK Cupid, Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel – the list is endless!

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