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She also found her way into the 2000 (19 years ago) Guinness Book of World Records as a result of being the "most downloaded" person in 1999 (20 years ago) - a statistic that has no way of being accurately measured for the time.At the age of 34, the peak of her popularity, Margolis was downloaded 70,000 times in a span of 24 hours. 5, 2000 (19 years ago), Danni Ashe beat Margolis' record.She was very proud to have posed, stating: “ Me, of all people, the ultimate girl next door, the one who made it by not taking off her clothes.And now my crowning achievement is doing Playboy and being comfortable in my own skin.Her modeling career took off when agents started asking about the woman on the cards.

Margolis emerged as a star in the early days of the Internet. Internet Life magazine's "Queen of the Internet" from 1996-1999.They may not be redistributed, offered for sale, included on CDs, or used for printed material.Margolis was born in Los Angeles, California, the daughter of Karyn O. She has modeled in advertising for companies such as Reebok, Vidal Sassoon, Coors, Frederick's of Hollywood, Hanes, and Sunkist.Guinness World Records awarded Danni Ashe the title "Most downloaded woman on the Internet" when they confirmed Danni's image (wallpaper) had been downloaded over a billion times.Danni Ashe was the first person in history to officially reach this milestone. 2005 (14 years ago), Margolis teamed up with the World Poker Tour to become the new hostess for Chipleaders. 2006 (13 years ago) interview with The Washington Post, Margolis discussed her nude photo (wallpaper) session for the dec.

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