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Whenever I say I'm from the US, most Chinese people exclaim "Oh, America is good. (If anyone has a good answer to that question, please let me know.) Chinese people don't hate you for being American, so don't go sewing maple leaves onto your backpack; most Chinese people won't know it symbolizes Canada anyway.

It may be helpful to read up on common Chinese social customs, though. Since I'm from Seattle, our Chinese food wasn't half-bad.

This is where you're spending the majority of your time, and studies show that when it's polluted outside, it's usually just as polluted indoors. Invest in an unlocked smartphone when you come to China because We Chat is your life.

We Chat is the Chinese version of Whatsapp, but that’s just the beginning.

I was also surprised to find how expensive tea is in China!

While China is definitely the Mecca of tea, I wasn't expecting it to be so pricey.

(I guess that should be #6.5: not everything on the menu is actually available.) So what do they give you instead of tea?

You can also download We Chat on your computer and use it like AIM, or send actual documents as attachments.You may be able to find cheap loose leaf tea at the grocery store, but Chinese people head straight to the tea store for the best stuff. It will always be loose leaf and sipped without a strainer.If you're curious how to drink the tea without swallowing the leaves, use your teeth to block them!Ladies, if you want tampons in China, you're best off bringing them from home along with some other packing essentials.While you can find them online and in some large stores, they'll be more expensive and your go-to brand may not be offered. Most of them are very large and aren't as sleek as brands like Always.

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