Communicator contact card not updating

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We are running MS OCE 2007 R2 and this was brought to our attention a few weeks ago for 1 specific user, but research yesterday shows it to be a wider-spread issue.

Starting around the first of February 2011, we have found if we change someones title under the organization tab of Active Directory (2003) it does not appear to update in the MOC.

However, I do not recall seeing the notification that patches were missing on the 2 front-end servers, I will double check.

I would think that either the client for some reason is lacking permission to the files, or there is another preferred contact retrieval point such as Exchange Server which is possibly also not updated.A further step, I uninstalled the MOC client today, on the 2 front-end servers ran both ABServer -regen UR and -syncnow, deleted all registry keys and associated folders on my laptop, then reinstalled the MOC client.Funny thing to note, this started right around the beginning of February and after I installed the MOC there was an update to push out from 01/25/2011..sure if that might have broken something or not. Jdtuck Also while this is not the official URL, you can set the client to refresh immediately upon login with some registry keys...I have seen it happen with phone number and title both times the client was updated and the server wasn't I will create the key manually and see what happens.Yes, I can confirm that all of our Domain Controllers and all the Front-End Exchange (2007) servers show the appropriate AD properties.

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