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Today, its former constituents include Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia, Montenegro, and Kosovo–a disparate group once united under the banner of the “Land of the Southern Slavs”, the translation of Yugoslavia.Only the first six were recognized as Federal States under Yugoslavia, with Kosovar independence coming only later.The People’s Republic was founded after a leftist militant coup in 1970.

The smaller of the two countries named Congo (Brazzaville refers to the capital in order to distinguish them–Kinshasa is the larger), The People’s Republic of the Congo was the second-latest Marxist state on the African continent.As such, it became a communist nation, even after its relations with Yugoslavia deteriorated.At that point, the ruling clique aligned with the Soviet Union–but even this link was short-lived, with relations with China eventually becoming critical to securing independent leadership from Yugoslavia.Without Soviet backup, the ruling Communist clique was unable to maintain power, and the government collapsed in 1992.The country has been embroiled in civil war essentially ever since, with the US replacing the Soviets as the main force powering the government–but nevertheless, armed conflict has been ever-present, with or without Communism.

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