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At the counter as he orders a tall Americano, Rudolph is surprised to see the word “Rosewood” scrawled in pen on the barista’s hand.Granted, he has just won a Award of Excellence, but he is still curious as to why a Starbucks server half an hour away has tattooed himself with the hotel’s name.Offline events are becoming more and more popular within dating apps recently, with the likes of Tinder, The League and Bumble all hosting events to better engage their users.Social Concierge founder Nana Wereko-Brobby admits advising her own members to use apps to complement her offline services.“Most are very successful, and to succeed in corporate America you have to be strong.That’s fine, but guys might want to hire them, not take them home.”So Andersen and Ericson set out to solve the problem.“But to call it Cougar Night to me is far too limiting for what really is the Beautiful People of Silicon Valley taking part in the social scene with the beauty of nature as a backdrop.”It’s Thursday night at the Rosewood and huddles of women wrapped in dresses tight as sausage casings circulate around the lobby. After a drink or two, couples move away from the bar, getting cozy on benches by the fireplaces or under blankets and heat lamps on the deck.A steady flow of sky-high stilettos and colorful minidresses come in the front door. Many attribute the bar’s crush of singles to area matchmaker Amy Andersen—a self-declared “love concierge” and the founder of Linx Dating—who first helped designate the bar a singles’ destination.

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The hotel opened four years ago on Sand Hill Road—a veritable venture-capital office park—near Woodside, home to many tech billionaires.It’s a case of changing your mindset so you weave several tactics into your life in an enjoyable way.Which is why it’s more important you pick dating companies that suit your outlook/vibe and then dive in.”“We are really excited to partner with Social Concierge for Mr Social.It is a subterranean cocktail bar on Great Windmill Street.The welcome drinks will be from 8pm at the bar, and will be sponsored by Veuve Clicquot. Live jazz and DJ’s will play at the venue, and there will also be a Chappy Champagne Room for all of the VIP app holders.

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