Config options for updating win xp

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If your not sure, you should see the this in the POST startup screen when you first power up the machine.Note, on some systems you may need to go into your BIOS and select the option of booting into a USB device.Today, I want to share what I’ve learnt to help other folks get round this fairly common issue without the grief I had to go through!

Now Shut down your machine and then turn it back on whilst pressing the function key that allows you to choose your boot options – on my machine this is F12.Next we need to open a new window and find a copy of the the most recent backups of these system files which is stored in a folder called “System Volume Information” which is normally hidden in Windows.As we’re using Linux you won’t need to worry about this though, you will find this folder in what would have been the following in windows C:\System Volume Information “.Just a computer geek sharing a solution that worked for me.Continue at your own risk, I take no responsibility whatsoever what happens.

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