Configuration options for updating os

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Several predefined OS Update reports are available.The reports enable you to check for new patches and update your systems.To ensure that your managed systems are up to date, you must determine which patches, updates, and actions to apply to your system.The Windows OS update reports help you to determine the patches that are applicable to your systems and how many of the applicable patches are compliant or not compliant for the selected systems.

You do not need any authentication to access the Microsoft Web site.The SCCM is connected to the Internet for downloading the metadata that is used for compliance analysis.Enterprise Manager Ops Center can also be connected to the Internet to download patches that are then handled by SCCM for installation.You can get a general report, or test a system for available fixes.When you create a report, you select the criteria that are relevant to you, such as category, severity, superseded, and release date of the update patches.

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