Configuration options for updating windows xp

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To execute sp_configure with both parameters to change a configuration option or to run the RECONFIGURE statement, you must be granted the ALTER SETTINGS server-level permission.

The ALTER SETTINGS permission is implicitly held by the sysadmin and serveradmin fixed server roles.

You can also check to see which options are dynamic by looking at the is_dynamic column of the sys.configurations catalog view.

RECONFIGURE WITH OVERRIDE, in contrast, accepts any option value with the correct data type and forces reconfiguration with the specified value.

-- Syntax for Parallel Data Warehouse -- List all of the configuration options sp_configure [;] -- Configure Hadoop connectivity sp_configure [ @configname= ] 'hadoop connectivity', [ @configvalue = ] [;] RECONFIGURE [;] is varchar(35), with a default of NULL.

The SQL Server Database Engine recognizes any unique string that is part of the configuration name.

The following example shows how to set and list all configuration options.

Advanced configuration options are displayed by first setting The result returns the option name followed by the minimum and maximum values for the option.

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