Consilidating credit cards

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The charge will depend on your current offer thereafter.

Sainsbury's bank may offer a 0% interest period of 16 or 12 months depending on your personal circumstances.

Transfer a balance within 60 days of opening an account to get the 0% deal; otherwise the rate will be 21.9% p.a. Pay no interest for 27 months from account opening on the purchases you make in the first 60 days.Credit limit up to £1,200 with 0% interest on purchases for 3 months. The rate shown here is the rate you will receive if accepted for the card.Not available to applicants who already have a Barclaycard credit card.Either way, if you’ve charged more on your credit card accounts than you can afford to simply pay off, debt consolidation is one option that might help you to eliminate your high-interest debt.While considering whether debt consolidation will save you money, it’s also important to consider how consolidating credit card debt impacts your credit scores. Consolidating credit card debt not only has the potential to save you money on interest charges, but it might also give your credit scores a boost at the same time.

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