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If you can’t pay your rent or electric bill because you don’t have the money, you could call faithful Aunt Beth and ask for a loan.

If you get one, the insolvency goes away, probably temporarily unless you are able to balance your income and expenses.

The second, called “balance-sheet insolvency,” results when debts exceed assets.

In the first case, the debtor doesn’t have the money to make a payment when it’s due; in the second it might be possible to make a payment with cash on hand, but financial collapse might not be far off.

You also could negotiate a debt payment or settlement plan with creditors.

Bankruptcy is usually a final alternative when other attempts to clear debt fail.

Cash flow, or equitable, insolvency impacts both businesses and individuals.

Usually it occurs when they’ve exhausted other ways of resolving debt.

Insolvency only becomes an issue when a creditor seeks to collect and the debtor can’t pay what’s due.Financial advisors will review business operations, suggest scenarios for reducing or eliminating debt and suggest a course of action.Staying in business might require that the company convince its creditors that it has made the correct assumptions about future cash flows, but many times businesses and their lenders don’t see eye to eye.Insolvency is the inability to pay debts when they are due.Fortunately, there are solutions for resolving insolvency, including borrowing money or increasing income so that you can pay off debt.

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