Consolidating multiple itunes music folders

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Finally, in that model there wasn't a very good way to migrate away from i Tunes later.

Since the XML was treated as the sole authority, users had to keep going back to i Tunes to import more content or clean up problems.

# Setting Up i Tunes i Tunes can create a file called an *XML file*, which contains a list of all the songs in your i Tunes library, as well as all your playlists.The new implementation takes a simpler and more balanced approach.It uses the i Tunes XML as a source for _additional_ information about your files, and to support importing of playlists, but uses Roon's folder-watching infrastructure to locate the actual files.This worked for some simple use cases cases, but it also caused a lot of problems.i Tunes XML's frequently contain references to files that have been deleted or moved, sometimes by the thousands--producing bad or confusing experiences in Roon.

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