Craig dating

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Craig Conover revealed that he is not in love with Naomi Olindo anymore.

Fans were able to observe the couple’s ups and downs of their relationship over the seasons, and it's now officially over.

Or is it a bigger difficulty with dating in the District of Columbia?

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The reality couple first fell in love during season 3, deciding to move in together at the start of season 4.

In addition to trying to explore more about his own dating, he wanted to try and crack the secret of what makes love lives in the District more difficult than other, perhaps less fast-paced, cities.

“In this city it seems that it’s always one person who likes the other person far more.

During their last season as a couple, there were many times the two seemed to be at their breaking point.

Bravo fan's learned that Craig had lied about taking the South Carolina Bar exam, failing to become a lawyer, despite Naomi adamantly defending him to all of their mutual friends.

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