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Especially if you've ever asked yourself any of the following questions when thinking about bringing up your cuckold/hotwife fantasy to your wife: I've spent literally thousands of hours analyzing case after case of guys trying to get their fantasy to come true.

And when you do that, you begin to see where everyone goes wrong. Why not just give them a template guide they can use so all they need to do is follow it?

It'll no longer be a question of whether or not your fantasy happens; it'll only be a matter of when.

The next question you'll be edging yourself to, as you borderline-obsessively wonder in intoxicating fits of aroused & jealous angst, will it be with someone she knows, perhaps a coworker, someone she has some kind of connection with?

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Well, I was wrong 🙂 Tonight we're going to make one on SLS. But when she said, 'I guess I could admit something like that would be fun' well Doc I just about blew my load right then and there.

Thanks to you, not only has our sex life gotten way better, but we've actually taken steps to have her start flirting with guys at the gym.

We had just introduced a much better endowed vibrating dildo that actually makes Her embarrassingly a squirter now, but only when I'm licking and sucking Her clitorus.

It became the perfect time and perfect icebreaker for my cuck confession!

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