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Many Directors of Education may genuinely believe they are well placed to deliver the new qualifications because head teachers tell them that is the case.Head teachers either don't know or won't admit that they really don't know if their school is or is not."As far as I'm aware curriculum means a course of study over a variety of subjects, and for most people this is understood as a national curriculum which children in Primary and up to the end of the second year/ third year in Secondary will all follow, at which point they will choose options .This is aimed primarily at reducing the workload implications of schools having to prepare new coursework materials.There is now apparently an option for some schools to delay the introduction of the new exams for a year if departments or schools feel they are not sufficiently on track.I have attended in service Cf E days and discussed the implications of Cf E with colleagues in my department and others in other subjects.So surely with all that I should be an expert, and every teacher in primary and secondary schools across Scotland should be jumping up and down in eager anticipation, doing a Wendy Alexander and shouting 'bring it on!Schools are not confident about taking forward their own models when they hear the school up the road is doing something different.

Another example might be different departments linking up to work on a project.

This is a decision which East Renfrewshire took unilaterally much to the bemusement of the rest of the country 's teachers who had been told that this was not possible.

However I believe that the likelihood of individual departments or whole schools putting their heads above the parapet and admitting that they are not coping is very low."Mr Russell needs to take the concerns of teachers seriously.

Education Scotland will work with teachers to tailor their teaching to the needs of their pupils while also developing course materials for the National 4 and 5 qualifications which will be distributed to schools.

These materials will be for every subject and will be distributed to schools in advance of the commencement of the new qualifications in 2013/14.

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