Curriculum updating research underpinnings

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This three-course sequence emphasizes the translation of theory into practice guided by the California Administrator Performance Expectations (CAPES).Candidates are expected to participate in authentic site-based administrative experiences; they will have the opportunity to learn by doing in schools or offices where they are currently assigned.We look forward to welcoming you to one of the courses and will work with you to ensure you enjoy the experience and get maximum benefit from participating.This course invites future school leaders to examine how learning shapes and is shaped by social and economic conditions, particularly conditions characterized by inequality.

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Candidates’ papers discuss how the urban context influences their conception of leading a culture of care, as well as, their roles as school leaders to create the conditions for care to exist.

In this course, candidates will focus on developing a leadership research project that will advance educational equity and social justice in the candidate’s school or district.

Candidates will focus on defining a focus area for a year-long research project challenging an aspect of marginalization to be implemented as a major component of their fieldwork, reviewing relevant research literature, learning data collection and analysis strategies, and communicating the project to the candidate’s school community.

This course is designed to introduce candidates to the world of educational research to drive data-driven decision making.

The course will focus on using multiple measures to determine school, teacher and student success using knowledge, skills and attitudes to lead evidence-based inquiry to implement change at their school sites.

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