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” Although I was made painfully aware of how easily New York morals could be corrupted by exquisite beauty when someone stole my stripy Paul Smith shirt while I was in a yoga class (if you happen to spot a particularly limber thief in your ’hood, give me a shout), I was still astonished to see that a slim majority of you would opt for the repercussionless fuck: 51 percent answered yes, nudging out the 49 percent of people with hormonally unmitigated principles.

To get a sense of what kind of dirty flicks are constantly running inside your cerebral IMAXes, I asked you to finish the following sentence: “The person I find myself fantasizing about most is...” And the winner (with 38 percent of the vote): some stranger I had a moment with and never saw again, followed by a coworker (26 percent), someone from my adolescence (21 percent) and lastly, a celebrity (16 percent).

We’re getting tight on space, so I’ll whip off the last two questions: The results on “The most glorious but underutilized old-school sex act” is: dry humping (36 percent), heavy petting (33 percent), the titty-fuck (20 percent) and the tea bag (10 percent).

And the sexual faux pas people find most unappealing are: bad hygiene (69 percent), awkward kissing (14 percent), monotonous maneuvers (11 percent) and postcoital apathy (6 percent).

” To which the shameless among you answered: (1) a public park (boring! To be honest, this next question I made up solely because I felt the need to work in my new TV obsession: (8 percent).

42 percent), (2) a building vestibule (now we’re getting somewhere; 32 percent), (3) the Hudson River Piers (how nostalgic; 10 percent), (4) Tar Beach (sweet! Now we come to the creepier portion of the poll: “Have you ever had a stalker?

” No (65 percent), yes (35 percent—that’s actually quite a large percentage; if only these obsessive types spent less time skeeving people out and more time trying to catch a glimpse of their own anuses).

” Their responses: girl-on-girl action (big surprise!

34 percent), a threesome (32 percent), strapping one on and fucking your boyfriend (26 percent) and receiving anal sex (killjoys! The homo dudes riddled me this: “Which attribute would you most desire in a partner?

” Big dick (so predictable; 51 percent), tight hole (21 percent), caverno The homo gals riddled me the same question, and responded thusly: tireless tongue (41 percent), big boobs (29 percent), shaved snatch (18 percent) and expert strap-on skills (12 percent).

In his crusade against pornography, Simon Lokodo, Uganda's minister for ethics and integrity, announced that he had acquired an anti-porn machine that would detect those viewing lurid stuff for police to pounce on them. ILLUSTRATION | JOHN NYAGAH | NMG Whatever his intention, Lokodo became the butt of jokes with his machine that nobody believed existed.

Then an anti-porn commission was launched and they tried to back Lokodo.

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