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While filming Vanderpump Rules, there were speculations that James Kennedy and Lala Kent hooked up.Lala knew James for a very long time, but Lala made it clear that she was not looking for anything serious.It comes less than one month after a shooting at a Walmart in El Paso that left 22 dead and dozens injured.That gunman allegedly traveled to El Paso to target Hispanic people after writing a racist manifesto online prior to the shooting.The suspect fled the scene and continued shooting innocent people.”Shauna Saxton, who says she came face-to-face with the shooter on I-20, told CBS7 the shooting “wasn’t a methodical thing, he was just trying to kill whoever he could kill.” Saxton said she was stopped under a bridge at a stop light when she heard a “pop-pop-pop” sound.

“It was a very surreal moment.”Authorities did not say why troopers tried to pull over the gunman’s vehicle.

A boy could be heard pleading, “Who’s shooting, Dad?

”Even after the suspect was killed, the situation remained chaotic, with police responding to 911 calls of an active shooter and rushing through the shopping center with guns drawn.

She also clarified that no matter what happens between them, they will be good friends.

Lala seems to be really happy in her relationship, recently tweeting, “When you have a good man, hang on for dear life.” She added the hashtag “iloveyouforeverboo.” All we hope is that information about Lala Kent’s mystery man is revealed soon!

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