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Most of these documents point to his year of birth as either 1777 or 1778.

The family moved to Buenos Aires in 1781, when San Martín was three or four years old.

In 1812, he set sail for Buenos Aires and offered his services to the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata, present-day Argentina.

San Martín unexpectedly left the country and resigned the command of his army, excluding himself from politics and the military, and moved to France in 1824.

The details of the 22 July meeting would be a subject of debate by later historians.

On 19 July 1808, Spanish and French forces engaged in the battle of Bailén, a Spanish victory that allowed the Army of Andalusia to attack and seize Madrid.

For his actions during this battle, San Martín was awarded a gold medal, and his rank raised to lieutenant colonel.

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