Dating 2 people at the same time

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To do it right, you need to be fair to the guys you’re dating and to yourself.

Always be open and honest about your relationship and dating status.

It's not always a "player move." In a way, online/app dating is very "job application-like," and that means "sending out a lot of applications," and keeping in mind that "an "just an interview" or whatever.

It's not that big of deal, and it's not a big commitment.

But during this time, and in-between each of our dates, Michelle is also seeing John, and Mark, and probably having sex with one while the other is just there for entertainment.

The above example probably sounds completely normal to at least 75% of the dating population, but for me - If I go on a first date with Michelle and have a good time and decide to see her again, then I am not going to see ANYONE ELSE between our first date and second date, or between our second and third date, etc. Like if I am interested in someone, I would rather take the time to get to know that one person rather than trying to see a few other people while I decide.

But, it can be hard to keep track of it all, and you can start to lose touch with your own sense of grounding.

If he doesn't, then it means he's not that interested in me because he is willing to take the risk in losing me over another potential match.

Both Michelle and I have a good time and decide to see each other again.

In fact, we end up seeing each other for another 3-4 dates.

I am a 31M, I date around the 27-34 age group, and I find myself constantly annoyed by how many women (I know men are doing it too) have no problem dating several people at the same time.

For example - I take a girl, let’s call her Michelle, on a date.

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