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Guess you have to make up you own mind wether he's worth tryin to help. I just want to know why you have written about this poor, inveterate bed-wetter for everyone to see? He'll never go to that much trouble for a girl ever again. Another time my girlfriend at the time and I came home from a night on the turps.After settling into bed and almost falling asleep she got up and staggered out of the bedroom.The answer was no." After deciding not to continuing seeing the man, Missy Q has been consumed with guilt at the fact that she couldn't suck it up and see past the incident."Is four weeks long enough to invest in this person? "Our immediate future looked like being about nappies, plastic underlays and trips to the doctor." When it comes to finding a partner, how much should we be willing to put up with? When posting comments on our blogs, you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions.We are here to serve you and help you find a match so don't hesitate to send us a message anytime! We love helping Adult Babies connect with Mommies and Daddies and vice versa. According to two colleagues and a taxi driver, it happens to blokes all the time.At the end of the day, leaving another person (in a relatively short time) because they have a condition is not necessarily a bad thing to do.

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She'd been dating a lovely boy in his late 20s and everything was going fabulously.

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i really dont think u all know actually how common this is in girls and boys even up to the age of 25, i think missy q could of gone a different way about it, jus think perfect gentleman evrything that she could of wanted witha flaw of the bed wetter, now karma will get the best of her and end up with some arrogant idiot that has little respect for her, and guilt will prevail, ya know i used to wet the bed till 22 and then i met my current girlfriend whom ive been with or 2yrs now and have never wet since meeting her, you could have been a cure missy!

You have to look after yourself before you can look after someone else.

Bobby (as I shall call him) had trouble dealing with the fact that his girl might occasionally lash out at him for no apparent reason, or feel heavily burdened from a clingy girl. He said that it would have been unfair for him and for his former half to continue a relationship where he felt burdened.

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