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The new bill will include the provision for access to an abortion in the first 22 weeks of a pregnancy and is based on Queensland laws introduced last year that stemmed from law reform commission reviews.

The bill will also include a conscientious objection clause for doctors, who would be obliged to refer patients to other medical practitioners.

Wendy Mc Carthy, chair of the NSW Pro-Choice Alliance — a collective of more than 70 organisations that launched a fresh campaign for reform in May — said it had been a "very long journey".

[blockquote] “One night my best friend in high school called me, totally in tears. She told me she got pregnant her first semester at State and let her boyfriend talk her into an abortion. The boyfriend broke up with her months ago because she “wasn’t fun to be around anymore.” What could I say? And I thought she was just being dramatic when she said she didn’t have a future anymore.

Dr Carling said she was against "pushing abortion as the first option".

Mr Greenwich acknowledged the work of Greens Senator Mehreen Faruqi, who attempted to bring a bill in 2017 and said this version, in following the Queensland legislation, had a clear legal framework.

"There is obviously strong support across the Parliament," he said."We've got great supporters within the Labor Party.

She may talk about: [list type=”list1″] [/list] Much as you’d like to make all her suffering go away with the right words, her grief and loss won’t disappear after one conversation. Tell her you will be there for her and help her find healing.

Ask your friend if she has ever heard about help for people struggling after abortion.

The existing laws, introduced under the Crimes Act 1900, make it an offence to "unlawfully administer" drugs or use instruments "with intent in any such case to procure her miscarriage", punishable by 10 years in prison.

In practice, doctors can administer the procedure if "the operation was necessary to preserve the woman involved from serious danger to her life or physical or mental health which the continuance of pregnancy could entail", based on a 1971 court ruling.

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