Dating a guy who is out of my league

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Everything has been amazing so far, and he has all the qualities I could ever want in a guy.But lately I've been finding myself getting very anxious about whether or not I'm good enough for him.So now I have this great guy who thinks so highly of me but for some reason I just feel like he could do better.I find myself getting jealous even though he is so trustworthy.Does anyone else date someone out of their 'league'. He gets a lot of attention from girls but had social anxiety so found it difficult making friends/ seeing girls. If I'm complete Ly honest I would say I'm a 7/ 8.5 (with make up) BUT I find that in general the percentage of 'attractive' girls seems to be higher (I believe), so although I am okay, I don't stand out the way he does.

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*taps on mic* We’re all familiar with sex *points at no one in particular* she gets it.The person who posted this if your an 8.5 your like almost a model so a 10 is not out your league lol.I think girls ratings are diff to lads below is a lads one 5/10 not fit or ugly 6/10 quite fit 7/10 pretty fit 8/10 absolute sort 9/10 near enough ****ing perfect but has small tits or arse 10/10 ridicolously fit super model with body of a godess trust me, my boyfriend and i were "on it" for 3 years and he only just recently asked me out and made it official like a month ago, all im saying is give his some time besides how old are you and what religion is he?A person you have no chance with dating/hooking up with because they are considered much more attractive, popular, intelligent or more successful than you are.They would prefer someone who is equal to them in these areas than someone who is lower.

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