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As he says, “He’s in no rush.” He has not left his wife during the four years of your relationship. You have given him plenty of chances and time to leave. He is not only not in a rush, but he’s not leaving. Please refer to the chapter in my book, ” It’s a Match!

Many men will tell you whatever you want to hear in order to convince you to have an affair with them. Tell him that it’s obvious that you two have very different relationship goals. Then, explain that you need to move on with your life so you will not be taking any phone calls from him. The Guide to Finding Lasting Love,” that shows you how to identify and clear limiting beliefs that sabotage you and your goals of finding lasting love.

He can’t handle me being upset if he is “with her”, and he says he in no rush, and if I love him I should be able to wait…. This man is already in a relationship with someone else whom he is not willing to leave. So, going back to my original question, it’s time to explore your underlying limiting beliefs about yourself, relationships, and others in order to examine why you think you deserve to share a man with another woman? Ninety percent of people read crap every day and want to strangle someone. Marriage was invented to legitimize offspring so that parents could pass down any assets acquired over their lifetime to heirs. That’s all very fine and good but it doesn’t negate the fact that Bambi’s mother dies. Men produce more testosterone and less oxytocin than women. Stop looking at strangling flaky columnists with concertina wire as some sort of heinous crime. The more we understand and can identify patterns, the better we can cope and even evade the trauma associated with them.Do not enter into any situation hoping for change; rather, create the change and then enter.Encourage opacity and know that it is possible to create a healthy arrangement, as opposed to a devious, secretive relationship. If she won’t share, blow that marriage up so you can have Mr. Men who seek affairs: If you are not cut out for the monogamous model, do not deceive anyone into believing you are.

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