Dating a nondrinker

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Once upon a time, my favorite part of dating was getting ready for the date: mixing myself a rum and Coke to take the edge off, jamming to some Blink 182, choosing my outfit and make up, and sipping on my beverage to alleviate the first date jitters.Even if the date turned out to be a bust, I really enjoyed having a drink with my in anticipation of a night out …Two years ago, alcohol having wrecked havoc on my health through migraines, anxiety, and the occasional total melt down, I chose to go booze free. And as a 29-year-old single woman in Texas, the constant go to when I’m asked out is, “Do you want to grab a drink?Or if you’re totally vibing with the person and want to reveal your alcohol free lifestyle, go for it … The magic concoction that got me through the early stages of my new life was a little drink called bitters and Coke. Let your date know your best time zone, give them some options, and don’t be afraid to suggest earlier times if your alcohol free lifestyle has your schedule shifting.Bitters has an orange flavor to it, most people do not know what it is, a lot of my dates just assumed it was a type of alcohol, and bartenders would never charge me much for it. A big part of dating alcohol free is remembering that you are a ROCK STAR for choosing to live the way you want to live in the face of social pressures.In a dimly lit bar with an attractive man, I’d feel silly saying, “Oh this?It’s a Shirley Temple.” It’s your call if you want to obscure the truth while you get to know somebody. If someone wants to take me out, they’re going to get my best self earlier in the day.But how does one date if you can’t meet for drinks?Before she got married, Lisa Steffey, a visual-effects artist from Prospect-Lefferts Gardens who doesn’t imbibe, used to fill a wine glass with vino, occasionally lifting it as though she were going to take a sip.

But other times, I choose to keep it short and simple.But when it comes to dating, he’s more than happy to go out with teetotalers.“I get more drowsy when I drink,” explains the Greenpoint resident, making it harder for him to focus.Caitlin Cecil is a Houston-based wellness coach who focuses on helping people with stress, burn out, anxiety, and finding balance.She has a degree in Rtvf, a NESTA wellness coaching certification, teaches barre, and loves coaching women to their highest potential.

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