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Small Sporting stores, hardware, drug, discount, and department stores commonly had privately branded baseball gloves made for them, to help promote their business....

50 Years ago in 1969, Major League Baseball introduced the official MLB logo in celebration of Baseball's 100th anniversary.

After the peak period of popularity between 18, production waned.

Other types of photographs, such as the larger cabinet card slowly replaced the carte de visit as the preferred method of recording family portraits.

The most common question asked by people searching for information on baseball memorabilia. " Along with other signed items there are too many factors involved to simply answer this question with a price.

Baseball gloves and mitts can be dated by the manufacturer, model number, and the style of the web.

In 1859 in France photographs of the Emperor Napoleon by the inventor of the carte de visite, Disden, made the first more popular, and the second famous.

Using ticket & tax prices, the name of the printing company, team logo, game number, team presidents, series letter ticket color, and ticket design these tickets can be narrowed down to a specific year.Register for the free Basic subscription and receive access to their Price Guide with over 1,000,000 actual prices.Note that their Buyer's Price Guide is available only with a paid membership, along with some other areas of the website.During the Civil War in America photos of Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S.Grant, and other celebrities of the era were instant hit in the North..

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