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Asides from pre-war serial numbers, these can always easily be identified by the fact that the frames are always slotted for shoulder stocks. Serial numbers and contract numbers: FN maintained serial numbers for commercial pistols, military and LE guns were typically made on order.If a customer requested it, guns were marked with contract numbers (example 1-500) instead of the standard serial number.If the gun is marked “Browning Arms Company,” than it is a Hi-Power.The Hi-Power nomenclature was introduced by Browning in the 1950s in order to avoid confusion with the Browning High-Power Rifle.Unless you are talking about a standard double feed where the chamber does not close and somehow it went off anyway. My son was shooting low brass federals which were brand new. Out of the corner of my eye I saw white smoke and heard a weird almost muffled sound.

I had a student's Glock do that next to my head while I was knelling down between two students during a stress-fire shoot-off. Example: Serial number 151RT1234 RT = Year of manufacture (1976) 151 = Model 1234 = Serial number -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1975 Information Sequence European and U. manufactured firearms: Product Code Year Serial Number -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Japanese manufactured firearms: Serial Number Year Product Code -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1975 Date Codes Z = 1 Y = 2 X = 3 W = 4 V = 5 T = 6 R = 7 P = 8 N = 9 M = 0 / 10 Alex Browning B2000 History The production of the B-2000 Automatic Shotgun began in late 1973. Date Historic Information Serial Number Info 1974-1975 1968 started using two digits for the date of manufacture which was followed by a one digit code that identified the type of B-2000.

I e mailed that number to Browning and They e mailed me back, said that was an incorrect serial number. Most early Browning serial numbers contained no date or model information and can not be dated using this system.1958 to 1968 - The last digit of the year was used.

If it is incorrect someone put the wrong number on this gun because I am setting here looking at it . (Code "8" is duplicated for 19.)Example: Serial number 8G12345:8 = Year of manufacture (1958) G = Model 12345 = Serial number1968 to 1975 - The last two digits of the year was used, Example: Serial number 69B123 = Year of manufacture (1969) C = Model 12345 = Serial number B=BL-22 found on Browning site By entering this site you declare you are 18 or older, you read and agreed to the Site Terms, acknowledged our Privacy Policy and you understand that your use of the site's content is made at your own risk and responsibility.

Apparently the square tangs lead to stock breakage and, as I have said, I have seen many a trombone with a cracked stock. I've been interested in dating these rifles for years and had no success.

I'm away working at the moment and don't have access to either of my Trombones but from memory both have the rounded tang.

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