Dating campus issues article

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The handbook offers 235 pages of practical organizational advice, including tips on developing a tax-exempt organization, playing host to conservative speakers, recruiting members, developing fliers and posters, organizing fund raising and even creating a Web page."There are several basic principles that we try to follow," Moha tells Insight."Without the CLP's training and financial support, we could never have gotten off the ground at Villanova," says Chris Lilik, a junior who started the first conservative paper at the Philadelphia university a year ago.CLP founder Morton Blackwell, whose legendary Leadership Institute has trained conservative activists from San Diego to Volgograd, sums up the CLP idea: "Student-run, well-funded campus organizations are the most effective way to combat the current excesses of academic liberalism." The CLP's success in establishing new campus groups suggests Blackwell's plan is succeeding. "In that time, we have created 204 campus groups in 37 states.

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Training occurs at seminars in Arlington and at dozens of sites nationwide.

"We're trying to do it right," says Rich Moha, the CLP's national operations director, citing the group's training handbook, Resource Book: A Guide for Conservative Campus Leaders.

The Campus Leadership Program borrows from the radical student organizations of the sixties.

But its goal is to help combat the excesses of academic liberalism. The Campus Leadership Program (CLP), offspring of the Leadership Institute and housed at its Arlington, Va., headquarters, is posing a challenge to "political correctness" on campuses across the country.

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