Dating cigar boxes

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Factory identification tends to play a bigger role with Cuban cigars because Cuba has altered their factory seals and codes several times over the years.

Moreover, unless you’ve really done your homework, trying to identify a vintage box of Havanas can be quite confusing. According to one source, cigars were originally sold in bundles covered with pig bladders, and a vanilla pod would be placed inside the package to stem the odor.

Jamie asked what year the cigar was, and Will promptly answered with the month and year of said cigar. Why certain ones would be better with a year, some would be better with several years, and some are as good as they are going to get now and how the old timers are identifying these smoke still intrigues me.

When I received the package it was the first thing I noticed. Early on I was keeping up with my cigars on a spreadsheet but it didn't last long.

Thinking outside the box If you pick up a box of premium cigars and turn it over you’ll usually find a stamp of some kind.

It could be an imprinted or branded stamp citing nothing more than the manufacturer’s name and country of origin.

In the end, it’s just another part of the premium cigar experience.

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Identifying cigars by their boxes today When it comes to box designs, today, just about anything goes. P.) for The dates are not in code and the year is simple enough.

THING TWO: The center wall of the museum showcases historic cigar box instruments displayed in old time looking cases.

Each of these cases is lined with a striped fabric with a pattern dating back to the Civil War. Most are homemade gun cases I found at various yard sales.

I simply found the historic looking fabric at Jo Anne's Fabric and lined each side of the interior with it using glue and a staple gun.

THING THREE: in addition to the old gun cases, I did the same with an old violin case I found at a yard sale for .

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