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Think potato pancake or hash brown pancake and you have boxty. Today, travelers to Dublin can visit the Guinness brewery and attend Guinness Academy to learn how to pour the perfect pint, that signature dark glass of beer with the perfect foamy head on top. Add the delicious Bailey’s frosting and you have the perfect St. Read the full recipe for Guinness Cupcakes at Genius Kitchen.There are a few ways to prepare it, but the most delicious is to mix grated raw potato with mashed potato and add it to a pancake-like batter before frying it in a pan. This year, instead of donning green mardi gras beads and an orange beard, drinking a green beer and eating green cupcakes, make yourself a real Irish feast.I'm the cruise directory for my family and all around girly-girl. Patrick’s Day food is the best part of the holiday. Just be sure to apply a generous helping of butter to your slice. Most grocery stores sell the beef with a seasoning packet so you do not have to start from scratch. There are all sorts of variations and recipes for shepherd’s pie. Over the years it has evolved as a day to celebrate Irish culture and traditions, and an excuse for people everywhere to drink a good beer. It is not an especially sweet bread and usually includes raisins, but some families enjoy it with other dried fruits. Patrick’s Day meat of choice is typically ham or bacon. Almost every Irish family has a soda bread recipe handed down from generation to generation. Whether you’re Irish or not, we wanted to celebrate the day with you.And, being the generous souls that we are, we wanted to spread some of the good will by making sure you have the chance to find your ideal partner.

Best for Dads and uncles who likes to wear vintage clothing.

I also use a lot of green toppings – spinach, green onions, artichoke hearts…

Now if only I could get green cheese (Actually I could make my own mozzarella and dye it green… I like to add the dye before I’ve added all the flour – to get the color evenly added.

I also do the same thing for St Valentines day too!

I like to use Alfredo pizza for these because it’s white and a great base for adding food dye vs a tomato sauce based pizza – but honestly you could just use the green dough and create the shamrock shape and add any toppings you like!

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