Dating during 1930s

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Obviously these give you a good idea of when they were made.Colonial scenes were popular in the 1930s due the restoration of Colonial Williamsburg.Deep red, blue and green were a classy choice, and the peasant (hand-painted) look became popular.Pastels, for once, were pushed to the back of the cupboard.Some dinnerware had Colonial scenes and others were fantasy or Pop Art.Like everything else, dinnerware designers got very experimental in the 1960s.1970-1990Dinnerware got back to the basics in the 1970s.

dating during 1930s-68

dating during 1930s-12

The new era also brought in some new styles, bright colors and geometric shapes.Floral borders carried the torch for classic design, but the solid colors made it easier for people to buy their dinnerware in pieces, with mix-and-match, individual style.1940-1950The forties were a revolutionary decade in many ways and dinnerware was no exception.All types of modern shapes were being experimented with.By this time, both men and women were working and families had less time for dinner. They had to withstand a dishwasher, microwave and anything else the need-for-speed family could throw on it.That’s not to say there weren’t great collections released during this time.

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