Dating from russia

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First, you have to remember that no woman is identical to somebody else.

So, we can’t promise you that you are going to live this or that lifestyle with a particular wife.

It depends hugely on a person and your unique relationship.

However, there are still some general remarks about Russian wives.

Besides, they seem to think that the sky’s the limit, so they strive for being attractive at all times.You see, in Russia, women have the strongest relations to their roots.So, they know they are destined to be mothers and wives.We have inherited this image – a pretty young woman with long wavy hair.If they are dangerous, they should be destroyed, no matter how pretty they are. A Prince usually saves the Beauty from the witch, who looks nothing but hideous. Would they choose a wife from another part of the world only because she is a little (or not just a little) more beautiful?

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