Dating guys with cars

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A rather chivalrous notion to be sure, and while there is some truth to it, it doesn’t end there. Driving for the Sake of Driving I have a very specific tradition with my closest friends whenever I go back to visit my hometown of Merced, CA.

On any given night I will take a car out, pick up a few of the guys, and then we’ll go for a drive. Admittedly, these drives have no real sense of purpose aside from having all of us together in one place at one time, but if I’m honest with myself I’ll concede that they can certainly be immensely enjoyable.

It’s all about the destination, and that destination is marriage.

People can date for fame, fortune, reputation, sex, loneliness, etc.

It’s getting to know someone for the sake of not being alone. It’s being together for the journey and not the destination. From Here to There As I mentioned before, driving for the sake of driving certainly has its moments.

But when you really need to get where you want to go, you will require a sense of direction, and direction necessitates both a starting point as well as an ending destination.

In courtship, however, marriage is very much the goal.

Yes, you’ll sometimes make a few wrong turns and yes, maybe you’ll even get lost along the way, but it doesn’t change the fact that you know very clearly where you want to be headed.

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