Dating hobart tasmania

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Hobart Town became a city on 21 August 1842, and was renamed Hobart from the beginning of 1881.Hobart is located on the estuary of the River Derwent in the state's south-east.The River Derwent was one of Australia's finest deepwater ports and was the centre of the Southern Ocean whaling and sealing trades.The settlement rapidly grew into a major port, with allied industries such as shipbuilding.

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Hobart extends along both sides of the River Derwent; on the western shore from the Derwent valley in the north through the flatter areas of Glenorchy which rests on older Triassic sediment and into the hilly areas of New Town, Lenah Valley.The early 20th century saw an economic boom on the back of mining, agriculture and other primary industries, and the loss of men who served in the world wars was counteracted by an influx of immigration.Despite the rise in migration from Asia and other non-English speaking parts of the world, Hobart's population remains predominantly ethnically Anglo-Celtic, and has the highest percentage of Australian-born residents among the Australian capital cities.I was chiefly struck with the comparative fewness of the large houses, either built or building.Hobart Town, from the census of 1835, contained 13,826 inhabitants, and the whole of Tasmania 36,505.

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