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Detrital remanent magnetism in Hohokam canal sediments seems to produce accurate dates with ranges of ca.200 years, twice the resolution of previous canal-dating attempts.In 1934 and again 30 years later, archaeologists excavated a site on the Gila River Indian Reservation that the Pima called Skoaquik, or "Place of the Snakes." Snaketown, as the archaeologists called it, contained pit houses, canals, what appears to be a ball court, countless artifacts, and shells decorated with etchings.The houses essentially were shallow pits dug into the ground and covered with mud and brush.We find that politically centralized, acephalous, and private forms are implausible in the Hohokam context. We find no ethnographic basis for positing a valley-wide management system.Este trabajo presenta los resultados de una yuxtaposición entre hallazgos arqueológicos sobre la irrigación Hohokam e investigación etnográfica sobre la organización social en sociedades agrícolas que emplean sistemas de irrigación.

Se consideran varias formas de organización de irrigación por medio de canales, incluyendo ejemplos de centralización político, de sociedades acéfalas, de empresas privadas y de obras comunales.Concluimos que formas con centralización politica, acéfalas, y privadas son poco plausibles en el contexto Hohokam, pero varias formas de organización comunal sí son factibles.No encontramos ninguna base etnográfica para proponer la existencia de un sistema administrativo macro-regional. Presented at the workshop “Social Dimensions of Hohokam Irrigation : Perspectives Across Time and Cultures,” organized by Paul Fish, Jerry Howard, Ann Kinzig, and Charles Redman in February 2003. In particular, the recent preliminary results lead to two hypotheses, which, if supported, would indicate a transformation of irrigation management at a time of fundamental change in other aspects of Hohokam society: A lack of support for these hypotheses would single out the Hohokam case as one following a developmental trajectory not recognized elsewhere in the world.The two hypotheses will be tested by dating the canals and monitoring the canal system’s configuration on the landscape as it changed over time.

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