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This week we saw banker & brunette lover Phil, hot rocker Adam, ginge project manager Iain, face-painting Rachel, life-coach Louise and hot teacher Mary all giving this dating in the dark business a go. Phil was set up with life loving Rachel, who he described to the boys as ‘Not the prettiest girl, I’ve ever seen’ after the lights come up.

In the first five minutes, ginge project manager Iain tells us matter of factly, “If the front cover’s not any good why would you want to read the book? He did later decide to meet her rather than making a quick exit, saying some rubbish about after being single for a decade he needs to look beyond looks??? Phil is actually a friend of mine and later told me that he apologised to Rachel about the ‘Not the prettiest girl in the world’ comment. It’s not even worth talking about the last couple because their hook up seemed staged and they were frickin boring.

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The prsemise is simple, although so far the results have netted. DATING IN THE DARK - Review of ABC new reality show by Mitchell Bard. The Your Type of Girl Test - Ok Cupid | Free Online Dating Dating in the Dark - "Pilot" | Other Shows | TV Club | TV | The A.Her pairing with Seth results in a lot of heavy petting in the dark room, but where will it lead.Dating in the Dark Shows A-Z - dating in the dark on abc | The Futon Dating in the Dark | Watch Dating in the Dark online | TV Show. Dating in the Dark’s premiere followed a special two-hour “tell-all” episode of The.Can’t help but think some of the boys met with their ‘date in the dark’ because they’re polite well brought up lads.Anyway if you haven’t got anything better to do mid-week you can tune into Dating in the Dark on Wednesdays at 9pm, Living TV.

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