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With women participating as full members of the Klan, they could serve as leaders and come from a range of social and economic classes.The modern wave has been primarily fueled by economic, racial, and religious motives.

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The WKKK functioned separately from the KKK but it would join them in parades, social functions, and occasional meetings.Some women assisted with sewing Klansmen's costumes and others let the men borrow their own clothes to serve as a disguise.One of the stated purposes of the Klan in the first wave was that "females, friends, widows, and their households shall ever be special objects of our regard and protection", which only referred to white women.While most women focused on the moral, civic, and educational agendas of the Klan, they also had considerable involvement in issues of race, class, ethnicity, gender, and religion.Particularly prominent in the 1920s, the WKKK existed in every state, but their strongest chapters were in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Arkansas.

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